John Pace: Art, Web & Design

Collected Works

  • Cablevision

    Starting in May of 2014, and finishing January 2015, I designed and developed "Inside Optimum" for the Cablevision Corporation as an extension of their internal communications hub, Marquee. Inside Optimum features over 2,000 pages and is used daily as a communications platform for managers and employees to stay in the know on all things optimum.

    Inside Optimum was a large scale HTML / CSS / jQuery project that was then processed into Cablevision's content management system, Marquee.

    Inside Optimum can only be accessed via internal.

  • Suffolk County Community College Lawsuit

    I designed and developed using HTML / CSS / jQuery. It is an information based site used as a central hub to educate the public on the details of the particular lawsuit between Suffolk County Community College faculty and administration

    You can view my work here:

  • MMEink

    MMEink and MMEink South were both designed and developed from the ground up. They both use a combination of HTML / CSS / PHP / & jQuery. They are location based websites with MMEink serving as the company headquarters in NY and MMEink south serving as their satellite location in Miami, Florida.

    You can view here:

    You can view MMEink South here: MMEink South

  • Illustrations

    Illustrations made with Adobe Illustrator.

  • Geometry

    Geometrical Designs made in Illustrator

    Digital Paintings

    Digital Paintings made in Photoshop

  • Banner Design

    Various banners designed for online marketing purposes

    Logo Design

    Various logos designed for various patrons

Resume / Pic

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